Do you wish you could run a business that is completely flexible, so that you can make money on your own terms?

Are you struggling to find a happy balance between spending quality time with your kids and running your own business?

Do you have an idea for a valuable product / program you can sell on the Internet, but you don't know how to get started?

Are you sick of working too much and not having the freedom and flexibility you so desperately crave?


Create a fulfilling, profitable business...

without sacrificing any other priorities!



Being a Laptop Mom allows you to:

  • stay connected with your children

  • run a rewarding business from home - or anywhere - without inventory

  • monetize your strengths (in other words - make money from what you are already doing!)

  • remain flexible and have the freedom to tend to all family priorities

  • save our environment from commuter pollution

  • spread your message / help more people... in a BIG way

  • live out your passions - and make money from them

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